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Twitter Reunited Me With Long Lost Academic Contacts

A person I now follow on Twitter and Tumblr to assist my professional development is Peter Woodworth. I was pleased to discover that Peter was active in Twitter, because I respect his input as a writer. I had not been in contact with Peter since my Creative Writing class, but I have read many of his published works, and consider him to be a professional I can learn a great deal from. He is talented in writing many of my favorite genres, such as humor and science fiction. I hope to remain connected with Peter through Twitter so I can continue to read updates and published creative writing pieces in the future.

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The Person I follow on Twitter…

The celebrity that I follow on Twitter is Aubrey Graham AKA Drake. He is my ultimate favorite rapper. I chose him out of all of the celebrities I follow because he is different from all the rest. Not only is he a rapper, he is also a singer. He has two talents put into one and I find that extremely awesome. He always has positive things to say on a daily basis whether its relating to him, his mother, or just an overall statement that can refer to anyone. He always quotes positive song lyrics that he wrote. One of my favorites would have to be at this time is… You only live once that the motto Y.O.L.O… so the skies is the limit and make your dreams come true!!! How I love him muah ~kisses to him~

Says the Single Girl Twitter User

A person I follow on Twitter is “Says the Single Girl.” This is a person who posts quotes that motivate and inspire girls to be independent, live happy, and not depend on someone else for their own happiness. Some of the sayings that this user tweets are “people who always claim to be alone often refuse to see the people who are there.” “You can play it safe and be good or take the chance and be great.” or “Why is it so hard for women to find sensitive, caring, and good-looking men? Because those men already have boyfriends.” Sometimes I will respond or write the user a quote of my own, or Re-tweet them.

Are we using the machine or is the machine using us. →

Here is a clipping of how technology is solely taking over!!! Click the title & find out!!!

Beginning my web 2.0…

So I have started brain storming for my final paper and its not that bad. Although there was a lot of other assignments that we had to complete like tumbling, tweeting, reading, creating our spider oak profile etc. Its extremely exhausting!!! Since my major is elementary education, I am really trying to focus on not just saying that technology is going to change and go along with the time. I am trying to look beyond that fact. I am doing a lot of research online and jotting down different ideas in which I think will be beneficial towards my paper and also my future education profession. I’ll just keep on brainstorming and free-writing and hope that my paper meets all the required standards.   

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Fighting in the Comments Thread: Commenting and Comunication

The following is based on the Winsor’s Article What Counts as Writing. In my round about way I talking about how I don’t like to post comments, because they are too short and then talk about my history with comments.

What is writing? I’m not really sure right now. I’ve been a storyteller for most of my life. Most of my writing has been long, stories and assignments. I have been required by many of my classes to comment on things written online by my other classmates. I’ve never really cared enough to actually do it. I mean really. I’ve never written comments that were longer than a few sentences. Anymore and I feel that I should create a separate entry to respond to it. I’ve also never felt that compelled to read what my fellow classmates have written. They only time I have ever actually read something written by a classmate was when they were personally asking my opinion on it. In those cases I read it but otherwise I find that I am too busy. Commenting is a drag. Entering into a comment thread is entering into a conversation. I when I talk with people I usually wait for an opening to make a comment. Whatever I said usually gets ignored and then feel that I have wasted the time that I spent thinking up something interesting to say because no one took notice and when they do it always sparks and argument. I don’t like to argue. So either I come up with something that I wouldn’t mind people reading and no one ends up reading it, or I do and then I have to respond and argue again. It has kept me up at night. The worst was when I took a picture I found on Tumblr, and posted it to a political Facebook page I follow. It has at this moment received 305 shares and over 200 comments. Half of that was in the first few hours. My phone is set to make a noise when I get a notification. I posted the picture at 3 am. It wasn’t fun. At one point I had to argue about the authenticity of the picture because it had been zoomed in and the result was pixilated, and people kept reading the date stamp on the picture as 2013. I linked them to the original site that the picture was a screen cap of. And some of them still couldn’t be bothered to check the link. Worse yet the picture was about the often talked about “War on Christmas,” so it started a flame war. I have no doubt that commenting is a form of writing. I just think at some points it might just be the most aggravating form of conversation. Because I can leave a verbal conversation but an online argument can find you long after you thought it was dead.

 Winsor, D. (1992). What Counts as Writing? An Argument from Engineers’ PracticeJAC12.2

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Who I Follow…

In this crazy world we live in its easy to get sucked into all the negativity and drama the world can offer.  That’s why it’s important to me to always search out the little things that can provide some positive advice to keep my mind motivated and stress free.  Everyday, I follow Sports_Greats, which are inspirational tweets from present and retired athletes.  I feel it’s the simple and direct quotes from people who have overcome diversity and struggles that speak and motivate me to a different level.  These tweets constantly remind me that everyone goes through ups and downs, and it’s that little extra willpower and strength that can turn us into winners.  Life is a competition and you either get left behind or you strive to do what you want to do.  These tweets also remind me that integrity, character, and a never say die attitude can get you far in life.  

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Its Finals Week and Youtube is filming us!

Its that time of the year again.  The last week of the semester and everyone is feeling the stress and the itch to finish.  Its time to break from the uphill battle of never ending classes and reunite with our loved ones for the Christmas holiday.  Truth be told, we’re all feeling the pressure and it’s natural to let loose and do something embarrassing.  The only problem is Youtube has become the king of capturing our embarrassing moments and displaying them for the world to watch over and over again.  Andy Warhol said, “everybody has fifteen minutes of fame,” and I believe Youtube, for better or worse, has stamped the truth into that statement.  On Youtube, anyone can be the star.  Whether its a kid singing a goofy song, a newscaster screwing up their lines, or a student having a breakdown during finals week, Youtube will gladly broadcast some of the moments we all wish we could take back.  I chose this clip because I feel we all can relate to this stressful week. 

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Living in Semiotic Domains

Researcher and writer James Paul Gee suggests in “What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy.” that humanity is living and learning in what he calls “semiotic domains”; environments or circumstances that combine methods of communication (i.e. images, words, charts, audio, etc.) to convey unique meaning. The article was published in 2007, so it could be assumed that Gee began writing in 2006, a time when social networking was at a boom, but had not yet taken the evolutionary turn it is currently in the midst of.

Tumblr is a perfect example of how we are beginning to need semiotic domains. They aren’t just things that we can be a part of at will, they are becoming a part of our everyday lives. Rather than communicate on a social level (not even just professional anymore) we need more that text. We need more than pictures. We need more than links, quotes, or video. We need it all. We need the option of combining all of it together or else we won’t use the resource. If Tumblr went to a text-only format, people would leave, the same as they would if it went to image-only. In order to properly develop our ideas and express ourselves (all ways of discovering our own personalities) we’re starting to require Gee’s semiotic domains in every aspect of our lives. Much a product of the time we’re in, his term might soon require redefinition mere years after he thought of it and shared it with the world.

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Who I Follow…

In addition to being a former student of Rowan University (having since transferred to Columbia College Chicago), I not only had a professional association with Devin Sanclemente, but also a personal one. We’ve been friends since high school and over that time I’ve seen him grow as a writer and performer. At Rowan, Devin was a dual Theater and RTF Major, and in relocating to Chicago, he now hopes to delve into the world of improv comedy and urban theater.

On YouTube under the name The DevCam Experience for years, he created his Twitter as a supplementary social networking tool so his followers and peers could reach out to him in a new way. He was one of the first people I knew who signed up for a Twitter account, but unlike people who tweeted about nothing, Devin had a purpose. He wanted to make himself known, he wanted to network, but most of all he wanted to grow. He wanted to make his content online and in his stage performances an amalgamation of all that he had learned and been in contact with on the Internet.

Available at @DevEXP, Devin follows a variety of people on Twitter. Typically he will follow back those who follow him as well as those who reach out to him with content or questions. Other than individuals he has a personal relationship with, Devin also follows a variety of professional comedians (Demetri Martin, Daniel Tosh, & Donald Glover), improv artists (Improv Quotes & The Second City), inspirational figures (the Dalai Lama), and companies or organizations he is associated with (YouTube, Tumblr & the Twitter account of his college). By following these individuals, Devin opens himself to a great wealth of inspiration for his performances and highlights the collaborative (remixing) nature of modern art, the idea that content builds upon content. 

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